Mobile application built with React Native and Node.js

Case Study

A brief rundown on a mobile app I built

Daily MVP is no longer active but check out my landing page!


What I was trying to accomplish

Every day, there is about 10 NBA games being played. I wanted to see a live ranking of player performances. So I built an app.


Headless API with 3rd Party Data Ingestor

The 3rd party API I was using was very data heavy and did not have a delta option so I couldn't connect my app directly. Instead, I built a "REST Stop" server to filtrate data and seperate the expensive operations away from my headless API.


Memory management and reducing complexity

My app had an large horizontal list of cards with charts that were constantly being updated. I kept the app from being a memory hog and wasting battery by eliminating every unnecessary render.

Post Mortem

Why didn't this go anywhere?

This was my first attempt at putting something out there in the world. I learned very quickly just how hard it is to get something off the ground. I attribute much of my success to the time I spent on this app.

What's Next? Check out my work I did for Milliman LTS!