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Milliman LTS

Electron.js application with React.js + Redux

My Role

What was I hired to do for Milliman?

Milliman moved their software to an Electron application and needed my help to clean it up. This meant centralizing a lot of their code, adopting a component library, upgrading the data management layer, and more.

Code Centralization and Decomposition

Establish a pattern that will streamline development

Components were written to be used very specifically. Because of this, reuse was very difficult even if it was possible. We took steps to root a lot of these components out and standardized their APIs.

Incorporate Tried and True Software

Reduce error-prone code by replacing it with 3rd party libraries

I had the pleasure of replacing their grid component with a 3rd party library called Ag Grid. This isolated a lot of re-renders and provided a better UX.

Unit, Integration, and E2E Testing

Using Jest and Playwright to maintain code integrity

Another aspect of my work was ensuring our UI was covered with automated testing. We used Playwright and Jest to lock down many of the recurring issues we faced when deploying new features.

Tech Migrations

Making architectural decisions that will last

One learning experience I encountered was iteratively replacing the data management system from MobX to Redux. This meant adding custom middleware that connected the two together. Migrating components became second nature during development.

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