Web application built with Next.js and Node.js

Case Study

A quick glance into my experience at Hubsuite

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What did the client need from me?

Hubsuite's founder had already created an incredible MySQL backend that fed their Tableau UI. As good as this was, they needed something faster, secure, mobile-friendly, and scalable.

My Contributions

I added a headless API and Next.js frontend

Built from scratch, I stood up a Next.js UI and connected their data warehouse and CMS via Node.js + Express.js

Magic Link

Quick, secure, and impactful

I wrote a magic link auth system that created an easy experience for new and existing customers. Onboarding became seemless and customers were able to see results instantly.

Custom Email Notifications

Send an email when a franchise underperforms

I set up a cron job to run a query to find clients who are reporting below the minimum expectation. An email would then be sent to the client with the account manager cc'd.

Memory Cache & CMS Image Optimization

Each endpoint completely optimized

The python ingestor was on a 24 hour interval. I took advantage of that window to cache each endpoint's response. Also, to ensure that all images added to the Webflow CMS were optimized, I listened for updated images and used Jimp to reduce image size.

Query Manager Custom CMS

I built a small MySQL CMS

Heavily protected, this CMS hosts custom MySQL queries on S3. My API would then read these files and build multi-statement queries depending on the need. This provided CRUD ops for their team without any deployment.


I also have an eye for design

Provided with their design system, I was able to design a clean interface that allowed their customers to better understand how their businesses were performing.

What's Next? Check out my Electron.js app called Nite Ladder!