Electron.js application dependent on a Node.js backend

Case Study

Short summary about a desktop app I built

This has sadly been discontinued but please visit niteladder.com!


What am I trying to do here?

Fortnite's competitive playlist didn't incentivize smart or quality gameplay. So I wrote an app that gives players something to play for.


Electron.js + Node.js + MySQL

My app parses game replay files and converts it into measurable data.

Parsing Game Files

How I'm getting the data

The electron app creates a child process that watches a directory where game files are managed. When a file is updated, it checks for an encryption key. With that key, it steps through and finds stats like eliminations and placement.

Post Mortem

Why didn't this take off?

I really hit a wall when it came to marketing the app. I had a moment of excitement when a Twitch streamer was using my app every day but he averaged 10 viewers so it just didn't get anywhere. I will likely re-visit this one someday in the future.

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